Additional Resources



Santa Rosa 2035 General Plan (current version)

The City's General Plan addresses issues related to the physical development and growth of Santa Rosa. The General Plan is required by State law and it has a long range focus, looking 20 years into the future. It guides the City's planning and zoning functions as well as the funding of public improvement projects, such as parks and streets. The current Santa Rosa 2035 General Plan was adopted by the City Council on November 3, 2009.

Zoning and Design Guidelines 

The City's Zoning Code, Master Plans, Specific Plans, and Design Guidelines implement the goals and policies of the General Plan. They by identifying detailed standards, regulations, projects, and funding mechanisms that are needed to implement the vision, goals, and policies contained in the General Plan. 

Maps and GIS Information

The City also maintains a variety of publically-accessible maps and data resources.