Youth Engagement through Public Art

Engagement Activities

In collaboration with Santa Rosa’s Public Art Program and arts-focused consultant Kimzin Creative, Santa Rosa organized a series of art engagements with local artists to expand Santa Rosa Forward awareness and participation among youth (5 – 24 years old) and collect information on health and environmental justice from the community’s young people.

Art Installation

Four workshops were facilitated by Erika Lutz and Briona Hendren for over 100 high school students to talk about the future of Santa Rosa while developing art in partnership with the following organizations:

  • Roseland University Prep (29 youth reached)
  • Amarosa Institute (28 youth reached)
  • Latino Service Providers (24 youth reached)
  • Environmental Justice Coalition and Development, Advocacy, Leadership, & Engagement (28 youth reached)


Information collected from youth was incorporated into an interactive art installation designed to reflect their dreams. The art installation was displayed in Court House Square on May 21, 2023. In the future, the installation will be displayed in various time and locations, including at upcoming Santa Rosa Forward community workshops.

Coloring Book

A bilingual coloring book for grades 3-8 on the topics of health and environmental justice was developed by Blanca Molina and being distributed to arts and youth organizations for 500 youth in Santa Rosa's Equity Priority Areas. Distribution started over the summer of 2023 at the Schultz Museum and youth camps, and will later be provided to school districts for the 2023/2024 academic year.


Song and Music Video

Four workshops were facilitated by Kayatta Patton, three at Juvenile Hall attended by 60 young adults  and 20 students from the Santa Rosa Junior College Black Student Union, . The data collected was turned into a song and music video representing Santa Rosa youth desires for 2050.



Kayatta - Life Reimagined (I wanna know) (English) - 


Kayatta - La vida reimaginada (Quiero saber) (Spanish) - 




OutThereSR · Kayatta - Life Reimagined (I Wanna Know)


  • 200+ young residents were taught art skills and educated about the General Plan process.
  • 100+ students created art to represent the future they want for Santa Rosa.
  • Meaningful collaboration was accomplished among youth, artists, and City Staff.