Alternatives Workbook


The Alternatives Workbook presents and analyzes three land use and circulation scenarios for Santa Rosa that are guided by the Existing Conditions Analysis, current Equity issues, and the community’s Vision Statement. The three alternatives provide different options for how the community can grow and change in the future to address identified challenges and opportunities. Each alternative aims to implement the Community Vision, but offers a unique approach and choices for how we distribute future housing and improve circulation. The alternatives start with the potential for 36,000 new housing units (over the next 20+ years), equal to the number accommodated in the current General Plan, but differ in where new housing and other uses would go:

  • Alternative 1: Central Corridors concentrates housing near Downtown and along central corridors. 
  • Alternative 2: Neighborhood Main Streets envisions a city of neighborhoods with new housing near small neighborhood centers.
  • Alternative 3: Distributed Housing builds on what is already here, with future growth occurring across the city in proportion to what is on the ground today.

Between January and April 2022, the City will hold various in-person and web-based activities that will offer opportunities for community members to convene and discuss the alternatives. Community input gathered during this process will help shape the subsequent development of a "preferred alternative” that will serve as the foundation of the updated General Plan. The Alternatives Workbook and associated Technical Appendix (which includes more details on the analysis summarized in the workbook) can be viewed and downloaded through the following links:


Alternative Maps