Community Discussions: Visioning



Detailed Community Feedback

Between May and July 2021, the Project Team, with the help of the Community Advisory Committee and other partners, engaged a wide range of community members and stakeholders in an important discussion about framing a future vision for Santa Rosa. The following are detailed summaries from each of the major engagement activities. Each document includes an overall summary of major takeaways/ideas and a compendium of detailed community comments, ideas, feedback, and notes.

A Special Thanks

The City would like to thank everyone who participated during the Visioning process. We know your time is valuable, and your insights, perspectives, concerns, and desires were critical for refining the Vision Statement and identifying opportunities and alternatives that will be evaluated during the Santa Rosa Forward project!

Community Visioning Workshop Participants (District-wide)

Ana Stevens Linda Proulx Renee Riggs
Alison Dykstra Mark Franaszek Victoria Fleming 
Anne Morkill Peter Schnack Eddie Alvarez, Council Member
Cecile Querubin Thea Hensel John Sawyer, Council Member
Fred Flynn Warren Wiscombe Jack Tibbetts, Council Member
Greg Damron Kelsey Cody Victoria Fleming, Council Member
Gregory Fearon Lisa Joslen Chris Rogers, Mayor
Jim Pedgrift Mark Hall Tom Schwedhelm, Council Member
Karen Weeks Robert Gaiser Natalie Rogers, Vice Mayor
Kevin Anderson Ryan Tracey Andy Gustavson, City
Lee Pierce Serena Lienau Amy Lyle, City
Leslie Graves Steve Birdlebough Bill Rose, City
Luke Lindenbusch Annette Arnold Beatriz Guerrero Auna, City
Marcus Clarke Charles Danner Michelle Montoya, City
Margie Purser Erin Rineberg Anna Rago, City
Mark Neely Ginny Doyle Serena Lienau, City         
Martin Umholtz Madonna Feather-Cruz Susie Murray, City
Michelle Mcgarry Marisol Angeles Adam Ross, City
Renee Riggs Michael Cook Dan Amsden, MIG
Sabrina Krauss Renee Riggs Jamilah Jordan, MIG
Sheila Bell Rue Furch Ana Padilla, MIG
Sher Ennis Steven Noe Noyola, MIG
Stephanie Martinez Student Learner Phoenix Alfaro, MIG
Stephanie Meyler Anita Migliore Michelle Gervais, MIG  
Thea Hensel Austyn Rebich Charlie Knox, PlaceWorks
Trayce Beards Barbra Tomin Andrea Howard, PlaceWorks
Yesenia Lemus Denise Hill Angelica Garcia, PlaceWorks
Julian Peterson Dustin St John Michelle Hook, PlaceWorks
Rocio Elizabeth Olsen Ricky Pozos, PlaceWorks
Naxheli Zuñiga Contreras Elizabeth Ridlington  
Stephanie Manieri Ginny Doyle  
Anunez Jan  
Marisol Josephine Borgeson  
Maria Z Karen Weeks  
Kristin Kiefer Mikhaela Alcasabas  
Kristine Gaspar Sam Damron  
Linda Gummerson Samuel Damron  
Raissa De La Rosa Sandra Valencia  
Bertha Powell Sandy Litzie  
Charlene Lennon Sue Jackson  
Evan Wiig Austyn Rebich  
Jack Fallon Brad Hecht  
Jane Riley Carl Servais  
John Baxter Carole Quandt  
John Sawyer Dave Jahns  
Laura Neish David Harris  
Lee P  Filomena Avila  
Ginny Doyle Lauren + Jacob + Joe  

And several others who chose to remain anonymous

Community Advisory Committee Members

Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp Omar Lopez
Ali Soto Patricia Thompson
Andres Vigil Rituja Bhowmik
Annette Arnold Ryan Tracey
Delashay Carmona Benson Stephanie Manieri
Erica Mikesh Steven Spillman
Evette Minor Hugh Helm
Jen Klose Gary Wysocky
Lee Pierce Ana Stevens
Lisa Joslen Anne Barbour
Melanie Ahlers  
Michael Cook  

Technical Advisory Committee Members

Ashle Crocker Raissa De la Rosa Lori UrbanekEmma Walton
Molly Maclean Tara Thompson Jennifer Burke
Danielle Garduno Gabe Osburn Andrew Allen
Magali Telles Amy Nicholson Claire Myers
Jason Carter Amy Lyle Colin Close
Kevin Buchanan Clare Hartman Caryn Lozada
Alan Alton David Guhin Jill Scott
Kim Nadeau Kate Goldfine Nick Sudano
Scott Moon Shari Meads Steve Brady
Scott Westrope John Cregan Janet Spilman
Tony Gossner Ray Navarro Brian Oh
Megan Basinger Jen Santos Melanie Parker
David Gouin Terri Bladow Ada Chan
Eric McHenry Rob Sprinkle Jeff Nathanson
Serena Lienau Yuri Koslen Ray Holley
Michael Enright Jason Nutt Joanne Parker
Jesse Oswald Libby Payan Nancy AdamsBjorn Griepenburg
Rafael Rivero Rachel Ede Ron Downing
Rick Edson Doug Williams Bryan Kalbee
Lori Kolacek Dr. Diann Kitamura Amy Jones-Kerr


Community Visioning Workshops, Meetings and Surveys

Community Vision Statements Survey

In May 2021, the Project Team released a set of draft Vision Statements for community review and refinement. The Vision Statements were based on initial ideas from the Community Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and City of Santa Rosa staff. Community members considered these statements during the Community Vision Workshops.

Community Vision Workshops

The City hosted a series of Community Vision Workshops in May and June 2021 to gather feedback on a draft Vision Statement and identify assets and opportunities that will be factored into the Santa Rosa Forward process. These interactive workshops provided community members an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Santa Rosa Forward process and the importance of the General Plan.
  • Learn about the findings and major take-aways from the Existing Conditions analysis. 
  • Discuss a Vision for the future of Santa Rosa.
  • Discuss what you like about Santa Rosa and what you would improve or change in the future.
  • Identify ways you can stay actively involved in the project. 


Council Member
May 13, 2021 Thursday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM English 5 C. Rogers


Mayo 15, 2021 Sábado 10:00 AM a 12:00 PM Español 5 C. Rogers  
May 15, 2021 Saturday 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Español 1 Alvarez Recording 
May 17, 2021 Monday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM English or Bilingual 6 Schwedhelm


May 19, 2021 Wednesday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM English 2 Sawyer


May 20, 2021 Thursday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM English or Bilingual 3 Tibbets


Mayo 22, 2021 Sábado 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Español 7 N. Rogers  
May 22, 2021 Saturday 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM English 1 Alvarez Recording 
May 26, 2021 Wednesday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM English 7 N. Rogers Recording 
May 27, 2021 Thursday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM English or Bilingual 4 Fleming Recording




Workshop Presentation

Below are links to the workshop presentation that includes a background on the project, summary of the existing conditions report, summary of the Briefing Book, and the draft Vision Statements: