Vision Statement


The Santa Rosa City Council and Planning Commission held a joint study session on July 20, 2021. The Council and Commission heard about and commented on the 2050 General Plan Vision Statement the Project Team built based on input and ideas gathered during the last round of community engagement. The 2050 General Plan Vision Statement can be downloaded here:

The Vision Statement is now being used by the Project Team to build land use and circulation alternatives for multiple General Plan scenarios. These alternatives will be presented in the Fall of 2021 for public review. Based on comments received one alternative will be chosen by the Council to move forward to the environmental review phase (2022). In this way, the preparation of the Vision Statement is a vital step to help ensure that Santa Rosa Forward represents the desires of the community.

More information on the Vision Statement outreach, including meeting presentations and community comments, can be found here.

Draft Vision Statements

In May 2021, the Project Team released a set of draft Vision Statements for community review and refinement. The Vision Statements are based on initial ideas from the Community Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and City of Santa Rosa staff. Community members have been considering these statements during the Community Vision Workshops:

The Project Team also prepared an online survey that allows you to review the statements in detail, organize them based on the topics that are most important to you, and provide additional thoughts and refinments: