Community Discussions: Alternatives


Detailed Community Feedback

Between March and May 2022, the Project Team, with the help of the Community Advisory Committee and other partners, engaged a wide range of community members and stakeholders in an important discussion about framing an alternative for Santa Rosa. The following is a detailed summary of the major engagement activities. The document is a summary of major takeaways/ideas and a compendium of detailed community comments, ideas, feedback, and notes.

Community Alternatives Materials, Workshops, and Virtual Open House

Community Alternatives Workbook

The Alternatives Workbook presented and analyzed three land use and circulation scenarios for Santa Rosa that are guided by the Community Vision Statement. Each scenario aims to implement the community vision while offering a unique approach to distributing future housing and retail growth across the community. The alternative started with the potential for 36,000 new housing units (over the next 20+ years), equal to the number accommodated in the current General Plan, but differed in where new housing and other uses would go. 

Community Alternatives Workshops

In March 2022, the Project Team hosted five in-person Community Workshops to present the alternatives and gather community comments and feedback on the alternatives and a policy choices. These interactive workshops provided community members an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Santa Rosa Forward process and the importance of the General Plan.
  • Learn about the findings and major take-aways from the Existing Conditions analysis. 
  • Discuss the alternatives and a policy choices for the future of Santa Rosa.
  • Discuss what you like about Santa Rosa and what you would improve or change in the future.'
  • Identify ways you can stay actively involved in the project. 

Workshop Presentation

Below are links to the workshop presentation that included a background on the project, summary of the existing conditions report, summary of the Alternatives Workbook, and the draft Alternatives:

Virtual Open House

The online Virtual Open House included all materials, questions, and presentations from the in-person workshops. People were able to provide their thoughts, feedback, and ideas about Santa Rosa's future, including the draft Alternatives and a range of policy choices.  

A Special Thanks

The City would like to thank everyone who participated during the Alternatives process. We know your time is valuable, and your insights, perspectives, concerns, and desires were critical for refining the Vision Statement and identifying opportunities and alternatives that will be evaluated during the Santa Rosa Forward project!

Community Advisory Committee Members

Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp Omar Lopez
Ali Soto Patricia Thompson
Andres Vigil Rituja Bhowmik
Annette Arnold Ryan Tracey
Delashay Carmona Benson Stephanie Manieri
Erica Mikesh Steven Spillman
Evette Minor Hugh Helm
Jen Klose Gary Wysocky
Lee Pierce Ana Stevens
Lisa Joslen Anne Barbour
Melanie Ahlers  
Michael Cook  

Technical Advisory Committee Members

Ashle Crocker Raissa De la Rosa Lori UrbanekEmma Walton
Molly Maclean Tara Thompson Jennifer Burke
Danielle Garduno Gabe Osburn Andrew Allen
Magali Telles Amy Nicholson Claire Myers
Jason Carter Amy Lyle Colin Close
Kevin Buchanan Clare Hartman Caryn Lozada
Alan Alton David Guhin Jill Scott
Kim Nadeau Kate Goldfine Nick Sudano
Scott Moon Shari Meads Steve Brady
Scott Westrope John Cregan Janet Spilman
Tony Gossner Ray Navarro Brian Oh
Megan Basinger Jen Santos Melanie Parker
David Gouin Terri Bladow Ada Chan
Eric McHenry Rob Sprinkle Jeff Nathanson
Serena Lienau Yuri Koslen Ray Holley
Michael Enright Jason Nutt Joanne Parker
Jesse Oswald Libby Payan Nancy AdamsBjorn Griepenburg
Rafael Rivero Rachel Ede Ron Downing
Rick Edson Doug Williams Bryan Kalbee
Lori Kolacek Dr. Diann Kitamura Amy Jones-Kerr