Draft Vision Statements

In May 2021, the Project Team released a set of draft Vision Statements for community review and refinement. The Vision Statements are based on initial ideas from the Community Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, and City of Santa Rosa staff. Community members have been considering these statements during the Community Vision Workshops:

The Project Team also prepared an online survey that allows you to review the statements in detail, organize them based on the topics that are most important to you, and provide additional thoughts and refinments:

Briefing Book

The Briefing Book on Santa Rosa's Existing Context is a high level summary of the major findings and take-aways from the detailed Existing Conditions Report (see below). This summary includes important background information and emerging opportunities, organized into six key topical areas:

  1. Land Use and Community Character
  2. Social and Environmental Justice
  3. Fire and Related Hazards
  4. Housing, Employment, and Economic Development
  5. Travel and Commute Patterns
  6. Parks and Public Services

The Briefing Book will be used as a starting point for the community to start discussions on the future vision for Santa Rosa. The summary can be viewed and downloaded through the following link:

Existing Conditions Report

This Existing Conditions Report is the first major step in the General Plan Update process. This report analyzes and summarizes demographic, economic, land use, community character, mobility, natural resources, infrastructure, environmental justice, community health, and other conditions in Santa Rosa, with the goal of helping the community and City planning team understand the issues and opportunities facing the community. This analysis will be used to support the planning and community engagement process conducted during development of the updated General Plan.

Community Involvement Strategy

The City of Santa Rosa is committed to providing a transparent, inclusive, engaging, and far-reaching community outreach and engagement process during the General Plan Update project. In order to achieve this, the Project Team prepared a Community Involvement Strategy (CIS) that identifies numerous opportunities for the public, key civic and business leaders, as well as City staff and elected officials to be involved in the General Plan Update process. The document highlights ways that specific outreach activities will seek out and consider the viewpoints of a wide cross-section of Santa Rosa communities, with a targeted focus on reaching populations that are traditionally under-represented in planning processes (e.g., communities of color, low-income communities, immigrants, youth and seniors). The CIS was reviewed and accepted by the Santa Rosa City Council on August 25, 2020. 

General Plan Update Work Program

The City of Santa Rosa selected a multi-disciplinary team led by PlaceWorks and MIG, two planning consulting firms based in Berkeley, California, to help prepare the Santa Rosa General Plan Update. The two firms are statewide leaders in General Plan preparation and together build an impressive bench of expertise in North Bay transportation, disaster recovery, environmental justice, and community engagement strategy as well as in areas of land use, economic, engineering, and environment. This dedicated and collaborative team offers the expertise and passion needed to engage and move the entire community forward into the future.  

Other City Documents and Additional Resources

The following are links to existing City documents and resources for reference, including the City's current General Plan 2035: