The Draft Housing Element is ready for public review

Jun 3, 2022 at 3:00pm

The City of Santa Rosa has completed its initial detailed Draft Housing Element, a key component of the City’s general plan update, and is asking for the public to review and provide feedback on the shape of the future of housing in the city. 

Part of Santa Rosa Forward, the Housing Element identifies the current conditions and future needs of housing in Santa Rosa while categorizing objectives and outlining policies and programs that could meet those needs, all in the hope of addressing segments of the population with special needs like seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans. The Draft Housing Element includes the following components:

  • Public Outreach and Engagement: Overview of outreach activities to engage the community and stakeholders in preparation of the Housing Element.
  • Housing Needs Assessment: Examination of demographic, employment, and housing trends and conditions that affect local housing needs.
  • Fair Housing Assessment: Summary of fair housing issues; an analysis of available federal, State, and local data that support identifying patterns of segregation or other barriers to fair housing; and prioritization of factors contributing to fair housing issues.
  • Housing Sites Inventory: Inventory of sites identified as available and suitable for housing development or redevelopment. The Sites inventory ensures there is adequate capacity to meet anticipated housing needs.
  • Housing Constraints: Analysis of and recommended remedies for existing and potential barriers to housing development.
  • Evaluation of Previous Housing Element: Assessment of the 5th Cycle Housing Element to measure its progress toward implementation of the identified policies and programs.
  • Goals, Policies, and Programs: Goals, policies, and programs identified to address the community’s housing needs.

The public can review and comment on the Draft Housing Element in a variety of ways. By providing public comment at the June 9 Planning Commission meeting or at the June 21 City Council meeting, by commenting on the report directly with on Let’s Connect SR, by emailing staff their opinions of the report at or by sending a comment through the Santa Rosa Forward websitePlease submit all comments on the Draft Housing Element by July 3, 2022.

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